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Sleipnir Icarus Core pack


Earth AD 2X22 

The World is on war crisis... Human is never learn... They're destroying each other... Conflicts and Madness occur everywhere... War, Death, Genocide, Corruption, Colonialism is common nowadays... it's has been lasted since one Century ago... it's triggered when human is reaching the pinacle of the technology... they're compete for 'who is the Superior'... some parts of Earth has been destroyed by Nuclear wars... they believed that the strongest will survive and the weak will be oppressed...


Because the Earth is unlikely to last much longer because of war... some group of peoples from different countries are ceasefire and cooperate to overcome this disaster... and at last, with the UN supports...  they created a moving Fortress called "Mothership" to suppressed any conflicts and war in portable... they can reach any threats which threaten around the world....

The operator of this Project is called an "Executor"... They're created to execute any threats which ruin the World safety and balance... they're not trying to become a heroes... they just a bands of the ordinary people who wanted a comfortable World to live in...

Be ready Executor...



- Mission with multiple plots. 
- Feel an unique shmup/stg gameplay. 
- Challenge yourself with 4 difficulties (easy, normal ,hard ,bullet hell).  
- Control a transformable Photon powered Fighter jet. you can install an "Assault core pack" a.k.a Armor to powered up the fighter in the heat of the battle. each Armor  has its own speciality. you can slash any aerial threats with a giant particle blade or barrage them with a dozens of missiles. 
- 1 Fighter, dozens of customization. Upgrade your ship maneuverbility, durability, arsenal, etc... (soon). 
- Install/detach the Armor  in the heat of the battle (currently you can only use one type of  the Armors). 
- Call a fire support from the mothership in the heat of the battle (soon).


The full version is under development. 


- you can't change language yet, it's english default. 
- you might facing 'lag' when changing to the fullscreen mode, simply 'alt+tab' and repeat to solve the problem.


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Nibelungenlied 0.4.3 (Alpha)(Installer) 162 MB
Nibelungenlied 0.4.3 (Alpha)(ZIP) 149 MB
MANUAL (ENG).rar 317 kB

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